This kitesurfing handbook is for people interested in kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) and those already active in the sport.  The focus is on equipment, tips, safety and travel.  Introductory skills and techniques are also covered, along with possible skills progression. Advanced skills are mentioned in place but are not covered in detail.

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Getting started - basic skills

Trainer kites  Kitesurfing lessons  The basics  Water relaunch  Self rescue
Upwind body dragging  Line rigging comparison 

Kite skills

Choosing the right kite size  Kite flying  Kite power  Kite trimming

Getting going

Water start  Changing direction  Going upwind  Going downwind

Intermediate skills

Jumping  Jumping - Inverts  Jumps - grabs  Toeside riding  
Self launching  Self landing  Riding unhooked  Downloop turns
Rescuing others  Retrieving a board  Air gybe  Jibe turns for directional boards
Duck tack  Strapless tack  Back rolls  Deep water kitesurfing

Advanced skills

Kiteloops  Kitesurfing a foil board  Ollie Lien transition

Other sections

Gear  Reviews  Safety and rules  Kitesurfing styles
Kitesurfing locations  Kitesurfers  Wind  Weather
Kitesurfing travel  FAQ  Resources and links


Please note that this handbook is not a detailed instruction manual, and reading it is not a substitute for taking lessons from a certified instructor when you start kitesurfing. Hopefully, the information we provide will accelerate your learning and get you kiting quickly and safely.