Across the Bay 2013

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This article provides information about the Across the Bay to Conquer Cancer event scheduled on Australia Day weekend 2013

Kitesurfers - buddy pairs

 Number     Buddies SPOT 
 1Cesar Aldea
Peter Campbell
 SAR 1 
 2Matthew Dunbar
Peter Winter
 SAR 2 
 3Peter Sexton
Mauricio Alderete 
 4Bernie Siegesmund 
Wayne Mckenzie
 SAR 4 
 5Graeme Simpson 
David Trewen
 SAR 5 
 6Natalie Clark 
Tim Nanninga
 SAR 6 
 7Daniel Forge 
Aaron Bognar
 SAR 7 
 8Tom Dylak 
Ben Doubleday
 SAR 8 
 9Andrew Hansen 
Franz Du Plessis
 SAR 9 
 10Jaime Robles 
Simon Xman
 SAR 10 
 11Lenny Furlong 
Julian Thomson
 12Rui Lim
Lukas Zdanius

Buddy pairs were allocated SPOT Tracking Devices as note in table above.

DNF = Did not finish

Equipment for kitesurfers

Mandatory equipment

  • PFD Type 1, 2 or 3 (mandatory)
  • White T shirts (mandatory)
  • SPOT Tracking Device (1 per pair or kiters)
  • 1m of 5 cm ribbon attached to rear of kite
  • Wetsuit (mandatory)
Optional equipment - recommended
  • PLB/EPIRB (optional)
  • Snacks (e.g. energy gel)
  • Water (drink bladder)

Rules for participants

  • Front kiters are buddy pair 1 (Cesar Aldea, Peter Campbell)
  • No other kiters are to go ahead of buddy pair 1 - any one that does is out of the event
  • Buddy pairs are to stick together at all times - if one stops, the buddy stops with them until situation is resolved. 
  • If one kiters abandons the event, the other can rejoin the group at the discretion of the Crossing Director
  • Crossing Director has full control and authority over the event in progress - any decision they make is final
  • The lead boat will attempt to stay in front of the kitesurfers
  • Shipping Channel is to be crossed only - no travel along the channel
  • The rear boat will stay behind all kitesurfers. Those making slow progress may be picked up.  Boat crew directions on this are to be followed.
  • EPIRBs are only to be activated if there is a grave or imminent threat of danger.

Route map - primary route

Across the Bay to Conquer Cancer


Kiter to Boat

Flags Tap head with handPick me up
 Thumbs upI'm OK
 Waving 1 or 2 arms (in water)Attention I need assistance
 Arm stretched out pointingI intend to go that direction
 1 arm up (while kiting) I am slowing or stopping 

Boat to Kiter

Flags 1 to sideGO that direction
 1 above headSLOW DOWN
 2 above head  SPEED UP
 2 out to each  side  STOP
 Attention 2 waving 

Horn 1 blast  Slow down/ attention 
 2 blasts    Speed up
 1 long blast  Head to shore and land 

Hand Tap head with hand Stop, we will pick you up 

SPOT Track Logs

SPOT Track log for Across the Bay

SPOT Track Log 2 Across The Bay

Rider GPS logs

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