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GPS for kitesurfing

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Information on GPS devices suitable for kitesurfing and some examples of the information they can provide.
It is interesting to use a GPS for logging some of your kitesurfing sessions, particularly downwinders. A compact GPS is best.  The Garmin Foretrex 101 (below left)  requires a serial port interface which is now not common on computers.

A Garmin Edge 705 bicycle computer (below middle) is quite compact and has a USB interface.

If you want to get serious and try for a speed record, the Navi GT31 (below right) or Navi GT11 is recommended at You can also upload your track logs to this site and compare with others how you are going.

Garmin Foretrex 101 GPSGarmin Edge 705 GPSNavi GT31 GPS

Garmin Foretrex 101, Garmin Edge 705, Navi GT-31

Here is sample GPS tracklog for a kitesurfing session from a Garmin Edge 705, uploaded to the free Garmin Connect website.

Kitesurfing GPS track log

Garmin Edge 705 in waterproof pouch kept in harness pouch
Garmin Edge 705 in waterproof pouch kept in harness pouch

GPS units that are described as "waterproof" may let some water in and be destroyed .  It is best to put your GPS in waterproof pouch, which you can then put in the front pocket of a buoyancy vest, or in an waterproof arm pouch or harness accessory pouch.

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