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Cabrinha Quicklink IDS control bar 2012

Cabrinha redesigned the their IDS control bar system in 2012 and have made several significant improvements to improved the ergonomic design and reduced clutter.

Cabrinha IDS bar 2012

Features of 2012 Cabrinha Quicklink IDS control Bar include:
  • Internal swivel that allows flying lines spin in unison with landing lines and a fully spinning centreline landed system
  • Spinning leash connection that allows leash to rotate around harness loop.
  • Soft EVA bar ends have smooth curves and edges
  • Bar ends lowered and widened to accommodate line set winding
  • Floating bar ends provided buoyancy.  Bar floats with lines attached.
  • Centreline and landing line internalised in tubing - declutters and protects line from abrasion
  • Wider centre hole fitting - steering and sheeting smoother and reduces friction when steering
  • Recoil spring positions bungy trim adjustors within reach, and helps unspin bar
Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 closeup Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 bar end Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 loop

3 stage security system

The bar has a 3 stage security system:

1. Depower on demand
  • Push bar towards kite
  • Kite will de-power and fly down and land gently
Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 bar out

2. Quick Release 1 (QR1)
  • When deployed load is fully transferred to IDS landing line
  • Used to land the kite
Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 - QR1

3. Quick Release 2 (QR2)
  • When deployed, completely separates you from the kite
  • Used when you need to jettison the kite if there is hazard, risk or your kite is caught in big surf
  • Omni directional -  either hand can operate
  • Cannot be operated unless QR1 handle is activated.
Cabrinha IDS bar 2012 - QR2

Video demonstrating usage

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