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No Go zones

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Information about No Go zones where you must not kitesurf. Level: basic
Avoid kiting in No-go and Caution areas.  These are usually designated by signage, but you should also ask locals and check the Internet when kiting at a new location about whether any no-go zones are there.

No Go zones include:
  • designated swimming zones
  • exclusions zones near the approach to airports
  • shipping channels (you may be able to cross them, but must maintain good clearance from large ships)
  • ferry terminals

Examples of No Go zones

In Sydney, Australia:
  • Sydney Harbour is a no-go zone for sailboarding and kitesurfing.
  • At Pittwater off Station Beach, caution is required as this is a seaplane landing and take-off area. Appropriate warning signs have been established north and south of the seaplane wharf.
In Melbourne, Australia
  • A No Boating zone in front of the Mentone Life Saving Club extending 150 metres seaward.

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