Kitesurfing locations

A good kitesurfing location needs the following key factors:
  • Consistent regular wind of 15+ knots
  • Side shore to onshore wind direction
  • A good launching and landing zone


Location    Best times of year Notes
VictoriaNovember to AprilSea breezes during summer. Occasional northerlies and westerlies (storm) during winter (cold).
New South WalesNovember to AprilSea breezes during summer.   
TasmaniaNovember to March Many and varied locations.
Queensland    May, July to September   Trade winds in tropics during winter. Sea breezes during the summer in the South East.
Western Australia  September to AprilStrong sea breezes over summer.


Location           Best times of year Notes 
Indonesia and BaliJuly, August and SeptemberSouth East trade winds. Mix of flat water and surf locations


United States

 Location  Best times of year    Notes
Maui - Hawaii Best: June, July, August (take 7,9,12)
Second best: April, May, September, October (take 9, 12, 14+)
Maui Kiteboarding Zone Maps 
Cape Hatteras - North CarolinaMarch - NovemberCape Hatteras Kiteboarding, SBC Kiteboard Magazine 


Location Best times of year  Notes 
La Ventana - Mexican state of Baja California Sur November to April 
Tulum, Quintana RooOctober to December. You'll get the benefit of post hurricane-season breezes, plus reasonable hotel prices

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