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Cabrinha Drifter 2012

Reviewer: Stuart Webb

Summary - If you want a wave kite, this might be for you.  If you don't, forget it.

The drifter has no centre strut and turns real fast. I got caught out taking off - I turned the kite through the sky as I would the switchblade and this thing just pivoted fully powered and smacked me into a wave. I wasn't wearing my impact vest so I bruised my ribs in the process. 

 The kite was fairly powered so I did some long floaty jumps - it seemed to launch into jumps differently from the Switchblade too - at much smaller angles. The kite is super twitchy and turns a bit too fast for my liking, any kind of grab and the kite is shooting off somewhere. 
Riding waves is where is excels - the fast turning speed and the ability to stall the kite and ride were fantastic. 

 Having said that, I won't be buying this kite.