About this handbook

This handbook captures the experiences and learning of the following authors:

Peter Campbell, Melbourne, Australia.

Peter's kitesurfing blog

Peter Campbell with kite flying

Stuart Webb, Melbourne, Australia.

Stuart's kitesurfing blog

Stuart Webb

We are providing this information to share our great passion for kitesurfing and to impart knowledge and tips to others. There are a lot of online resources available for kitesurfing, but we aim to provide quality information for helping people starting out and improving the safety of the sport so that it will continue to grow and thrive into the future.

Kitesurfing is a marvelous sport that is rapidly becoming more popular. However, with the thrills there are some risks. A kite can generate as much power as a motorcycle, so learning how to use it safely is very important. Study this manual and other online resources, but remember to take some lessons from a qualified instructor too.

Some feedback from readers

Paul Stuart. I am a Hang glider pilot of which who lands at 4 mile beach Port Douglas. I would like to thank you for adding us into your manual. We do need to land in the same area as kite surfers due to the wind direction.

Whilst on approach we are committed to land. Giving us unobstructed airspace for a couple of minutes it is not only appreciated, but may save us from serious injury. Please look up when near the beach.

Peter J. Practical, simple, to the point with some great tips for someone who has just entered this great sport.... thanks again!

Ian. Am sure you get fistfuls of feedback... New to kitesurfing, all the gear and no idea.... Found your handbook really useful to consolidate lessons and practice, and prepare for the next stage... Really invaluable... Simple, concise, clear and intuitive... Better than a video... Thanks for spending the time putting it together, imagine its a fairly major task! There's probably a lot of folk out there with a debt of gratitude!

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