Course racing

Course racing is a competitive kitesurfing style that is similar to a yacht race along a course, involving both speed and tactics.

Flags are used to control course racing events. Type of flags used may vary according to which organisation is holding the event.

The following flag colours are designated by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

Fleet flag (optional)

    • Indicates event is going to start soon.

    • This flag may be specific for an event and could have a logo on it.

    • If there is more than one division in the event (e.g. more than 60 competitors) then there will be different fleet flag for each division.

Red Flag: start warning

    • When raised, indicates that there is 5 minutes until the start of the race.

Yellow flag: prepare to start

    • The yellow flag is raised When the red flag is lowered

    • Indicates there is 4 minutes before the start.

    • Make sure your personal timer is synchronised

Yellow flag removed

    • 1 minute before start of race

    • You must not pass the over the start line within this minute or you will be disqualified

Green flag: start the race

    • You should be moving fast over the starting line as the green flag goes up

    • Flag will be accompanied with an audio signal shuch as a siren or a starting pistol

    • Make sure you keep clear of the race boat

Black flag: disqualified or race stopped

    • Applies for the last minute before the race start - if you see the black flag and you have crossed the line you are disqualified

    • May also be used as the abandonment race flag

Blue and white check flag: abandonment

    • Race is abandoned - all competitors are to stop racing

    • Used when there are safety concerns or the wind drops

Check which colour flags are in use with the organising body for the course racing event you are competing in.