2013 Airush Lithium 9m

The Airush Lithium 9m kite is very similar in characteristics to its Lithium 12 bigger brother. It is a sweet all rounder that has good power and easy to control. Suitable for beginners through to advanced kiters.

There is one small improvement - this kite now has elastic securing cord loops to hold the velcro and plugs secure for the air dump valve and inflation valve on the bladder. (This may now apply across all the Lithium kite series). Previously, these were secured with only velcro fold over tabs.


    • The 9m kite has the same smooth handling, turning and power characteristics as the Lithium 12

    • Being smaller, the kite turns quicker

    • Indicative wind range (85kg rider) is 20 to 32 knots.

  • With generous depower I was able to ride it well in 30+ knots. The kite doesn't give you an surprises.

  • The power comes on smoothly and the kite turns as well as a 9m kite should.

  • In lower wind conditions, downloop turns and kite loops are smooth and predictable.

  • The kite also parks and rides well downwind while wave riding.

The 9m kite shares the same bar as the 12m kite, so if you have one of each you effectively have a spare bar.

While the kite does have less surface area than a 2009 Cabrinha Switchblade 10m kite, it feels like it has equivalent power.

2013 Airush Lithium kites wind range

Overall, I rate this kite 9/10. It is a great kite for beginners through to advanced kiters.

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