Kiting trick bag log

Tarren Peters has created a kiting trick bag log (currently a spreadsheet, download below) that you can use to track your overall progress on skills and tricks.

The Menu tab will track your overall progress against each of the difficulty levels (based on what you’ve entered in Trick Bag tab).

Kitesurfing tricks
  • The Trick Bag tab is where the magic happens.Use Column E & F to rate your progress with the trick riding left and right.

    • Pick any number you want between 0-100% and use the images and scale as a guide.

    • Column A calculates a combined proficiency based on what you’ve entered in column E&F.

  • Use Column D to flag a trick you want to try next.

    • Then before your next session simply filter cell D3 to only show “To try next…” and have a go at something on your wishlist.

Even if you’re not nerdy enough to bother tracking your own progress, its handy to have the iKsurf trick links in one file.