Kitesurfing is now a very popular sport. As the sport gains in popularity and the number of riders increases, we need to ensure other beach goers and water craft are respected. Kites and kite lines can also be very dangerous. Good etiquette is not just about being nice, its about being safe too. Good etiquette makes kitesurfing more enjoyable and will ensure that locations remain available.


    • Keep your kite well clear of others. Kites are big and intimidating to many other beach users. Do not fly your kite low over other people on the beach or in the water. Overflying pedestrians, roads and other people's property is one the biggest causes of complaints against kitesurfers.

    • Use designated areas for rigging and landing kites.

    • Use designated access lanes only for leaving and returning to the shore.

    • As a general rule kiters are expected to remain 50 meters from a beach.

    • Don't drop in on (or snake) other kiters waves.

    • Keep well clear of any surfers or windsurfers.

    • Watch out for any swimmers offshore - they can be very hard to see in a swell or chop.

    • Help other kiters launch and land their kites, or if they end up in danger or distress.