CLEAR guidelines

CLEAR guidelines - Conditions, Look, Equipment, Attitude, Respect Level: basic

CONDITIONS - assess:

    • Wind strength and direction

    • Waves, tides, currents and rips

    • The weather forecast

LOOK - before you launch, jump, jibe (turn), land

EQUIPMENT - always:

    • Complete your pre-flight safety check

    • Always use a kite leash

    • Use a quick release on anything you connect too

    • Practice using your safety systems - you need to use them instinctively

    • Never exceed manufacturers specifications - particularly the wind range for your kite size


    • Seek and listen to local advice

    • Don't exceed your limitations - come in before you get too tired. Accidents and mistakes happen when you are fatigued.

    • Use your judgement. If in doubt don't go out, or don't do it.