Jumps - grabs

Once you have jumping sorted, and can do an invert, its time for some grabs.

There is a wide range of grabs, that have all sorts of weird and wonderful names. This diagram spells them all out - use this to impress your friends.

Note : The olive green colour is the back hand, normal green is your front hand.

Lets get terminology right first. If you are headed left, then your left hand is your front hand.

All grabs are easiest with your back hand. This is because when you jump, you typically bring the kite against the direction of travel. Grabbing with your back hand leaves your front hand on the bar, pushing the kite back forward in your direction of travel and helping you land.

The easiest grab to start with is the tail grab.

  1. Follow the directions to do a standard jump (elbows to hips, knees to elbows)

  2. About 75% of the way up, bring your back hand off the bar and grab the back of the board. Note that because you've bought your knees to elbows, the board should be easily within reach.

  3. About 25% of the way down, release the grab and prepare for landing.

  4. Yell, cheer and celebrate

Next easiest grab is the indy grab - follow exactly the same procedure.

To spice it up a bit, go for a crail grab. You'll need to extend your back foot and bend your front foot a little more to reach - but the balance should be roughly the same.

All of these grabs can be coupled with inverts for extra style points.

I'm still struggling with front hand grabs during big jumps - so as soon as I get it dialled in I'll update the page.