Downloop turns

Downloop turns provide a powered alternative to the normal uploop turn. Level: intermediate.

Downloop turns provide more power through a turn, but its easy to crash your kite into the water if you don't turn it fast enough.

They can be very useful in low wind conditions.


    1. Riding heelside with your kite about 60° above the water, pull hard with your forward hand to dive the kite.

    2. Turn downwind and carve onto your toeside as the kite powers up. Commit to getting the kite all the way around.

    3. Continue carving onto your toeside until you are riding in the opposite direction. You should exit the turn with the kite low and with plenty of board speed.

    4. Uncross your lines by spinning the bar

Once you have perfected downloop turns, the further progressions are:

    • Doing this manoeuvre immediately after landing a jump to turn any trick you can do into a transition.

    • Down looping the kite while jumping: COMMIT or you will crash!

A downloop is half a kite loop. They can generate a little extra power in light wind or add variety to your transitions.