Airush Sector 60 V2 race board

Reviewer: Peter Campbell.

Date: 18 January 2012.

The Airush Sector 60 V2 is a kitesurfing race board that is also designed for ease of use (compared to a competition race board) and for recreation.

Note: the V2 model has been superseded by the V3 launched in March 2012

Airush Sector 60 race board


    • Wide body (60cm) provides good stability

    • Shaped nose skims over chop well

    • Rails allow carved turns

    • Long fins (24cm front, 22cm rear) provide great upwind tracking

    • Extensive deck pad for feet

    • Single rear foot strap for simplicity


    • Goes upwind very well

    • Very stable and easy to ride

    • Very good speed downwind

    • Suitable for course racing

    • Good flotation - more safety for downwinders and tours

    • Turns well - the rail means you can turn the board surprisingly fast

    • Can use in light winds too

    • Fits in the rear of a medium size car with the rear seat folded down


    • Directional board - either jibe turn of dismount and switch feet to change direction

    • Sharp fins - care is required to keep feet and legs clear when approaching board

    • Heavy for big jumps


    • Use a kite one size smaller than you would with a twin tip board for the given wind conditions. E.g. if you would take out a 12m kite on your twin tip, use a 9 or 10m kite with the Sector 60

    • Take the fins off the board for transit as they protrude a long way and can be easily damaged.


The Sector 60 is easy to ride and great fun. It can extend your wind range and that could mean more kiting. It is also great for tours and downwinders. I have bought one and am very happy with it.

Sector 60 variants

The Airush Sector 60 has three distinct types:

1. Airush Sector 60 V2, circa 2011

    • The original sector 60

    • Quad fin only

    • Single rear footstrap

Airush Sector 60 V2

2. Airush Sector 60 V3, circa 2012

    • Tri fin (standard) for carving

    • Quad fin option for racing; provides maximum stability and upwind ability

    • Stepped tail

    • Double rear footstraps

2012 Airush Sector 60 V3
2012 Airush Sector 60 V3 fin configuration - Tri fin

2012 Airush Sector 60 V3 fin configuration - Tri fin

Airush Sector 60 V3 quad fin configuration

2012 Airush Sector 60 V3 fin configuration - Quad fin

3. Airush Sector 60 One Design, 2011 - 2013

    • The Sector One is the first one design race class introduced to kiteboarding, the design is identical to the Sector 60 V2

    • The board will not change for 2 years (Aug 2011 – Aug 2013) allowing for more competitors to join throughout the seasons and avoiding riders to update their equipment every 6-12 months

    • Quad fin configuration only

    • Single rear footstrap

Airush Sector 60 One Design


Airush Sector 60 One Design out of the box

Locating screws for foot straps

Screwing in foot straps - taking care with self tapping screws

4 large fins are fitted with single screws

The board fits easily in a car with the fins removed

Dave Tyburski showing some incredible moves on the Sector 60 including kiteloops!