Duck tack

A duck tack is another method for turning on a directional board and is an alternative to a gybe turn. Level: Intermediate.

One advantage is that it enables you to turn without losing any ground downwind.

This turn is commonly used while racing, and also on surfboards.


1. Drift kite up and carve upwind hard

2. Shift your weight forward

3. Release front hand and let bar out

4. Lean back with your knees bent to keep your centre of gravity low

5. Keep your bar high. Look under your front elbow to initiate your forward rotation.

5. Pivot on front foot and duck under the bar, rotating your body. Keep pulling with your back hand while stepping forward with your back foot.

6. Dive kite hard to get going in new direction. Use a downloop in lighter wind to generate more power.

Notes and tips

    • This turn is very tricky to learn as ducking under the lines and into the wind is not an intuitive thing to do.

  • You must turn your entire body around to complete this move. You do this by rotating your body and shoulders upwind while you pivot on your front foot (with the kite supporting you at 12).

  • Once you are rotated 180 degrees you switch your feet and commence riding in the new direction by initiating a power stroke with the kite.

    • Bring the kite up past 12 to 1 before starting the tack, you should feel the kite pulling you back before you start to rotate, this makes the tack movement much easier

  • Doing a back roll and back roll transition gets you used to the rotation movement.

  • Get the bar above your head, and your arms bent either side of your head


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