Ewan Jaspan

Ewan Jaspan. Ewan was born in Scotland in 1994 and emigrated to Australia in 2004. He started kiting in September 2007. Competing at the Elliot Heads nationals in 2008 he came 9th and won the up and comer award. He is sponsored by Naish and Kite Republic. Ewan came 2nd in the 2009 Australian freestyle national titles and won the 2009/2010 freestyle victorian titles for men and juniors. He was 2nd in Mens Open 2011 Aus Nationals and 1st in the Victorian titles 2010 mens open. Ewan has a powered riding style and is known for getting big air.

Ewan was happy with his 9th place in the Doubles at the PKRA tour event in Noumea in 2011.

Ewan Jason jumping
Ewan Jaspan big air
Ewan Jaspan

Ewan's feedback and tips

What do you think about the handbook?

It so good as it has well thought out information in the easiest to manage fashion. Nobody else has made something quite as wholesome and easy to read as this before.

What do you think are the three most important factors when learning to kitesurf ?

When learning to kite surf the most important thing is to get proper instruction, without this kitesurfing can be an extremely dangerous sport.

Secondly the right equipment is essential, a kite too big can be dangerous, too small can be frustrating and a kite which is too old will not have sufficient or up to date safety systems.

Lastly you need to know your limits and not go out in wind that is unsuitable for your standard or gear.

Why would you encourage people to take up kiting?

As its the most fun you can have on the water, its easy to learn and has such a great vibe! It's a sport like no other, there are so many possibilities and the progression is endless, there is always something you can do with a kite.

Any other feedback or suggestions?

Keep it up and get the promotion going in full force!