The basic gear for kitesurfing is fairly compact, quite durable and not too expensive.

Kite (mandatory): with an inflatable bladder, they float on the water to enable easy relaunch.

    • Price range $1000-$2000 (bar and lines usually included)

Bar and lines (mandatory): the control system for your kite

    • normal line length is 24-25 meters

    • often specific for the type and brand of kite

    • Price range: $300 to $450

Harness (mandatory): provides you with support and some protection, and has a hook to connect the chicken loop to.

    • Seat harnesses are easier to use when learning as they don't ride up around your ribs

    • Waist harnesses are preferred by many as they are less restrictive. They can also twisted out of the way if you are paddling a board.

    • A line knife in a pocket of the harnees is a good safety accessory

    • Price range: $100 to $300

Dakine hook line knife

Dakine safety hook line knife

Safety leash (mandatory): keeps you connected to the kite when you deploy your main safety release or you let go of the control bar while riding unhooked.

Helmet (optional): head protection is always good to have. How much is your brain worth?

    • Water sports helmet provides some warmth and protection

    • Good for mounting a helmet cam on

    • Price range: $80 to $150

NP kitesurfing helmet

Check helmet impact rating and impact standards before you buy one.

Put some marine grade reflective tape on the top and sides of your helmet to make it easier to spot in low light rescue situations

Buoyancy/impact vest (optional) provides some impact protection and additional flotation

    • Kitesurfing-specific models allow mobility and work in conjunction with your harness

    • Price range: $80 to $200

NPX Impact Vest

Board (mandatory): Designed and optimised for travelling upwind under the power of a kite

    • Connects to your feet using foot straps

    • A wide range of type are available

    • Price range: $600 to $1400

Naish Haize 144cm

Board leash: A leash that connects you to the board - DO NOT USE.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT use a board leash. If you get yanked hard, the leash will too (including retractable ones), which can result in your board hurtling at you and causing serious injury and possible knocking you unconscious. Learn to upwind body drag to retrieve a lost board instead.

Wetsuits (optional): for cooler and cold conditions, a wetsuit extends your season and allows you to stay out longer

    • Kitesurfing-specific wetsuits have features like water drainage at the ankles

    • A 1mm suit keeps the sun off and provides some protection from abrasion, and can be used in the tropics

    • Wearing booties stops water jetting up the legs of the wetsuit and provides warmth.

If you get water accumulating inside the wetsuit around your calves you can punch drain holes around the lower calves of the legs to let water out. Using a heated sharp nail from inside the wetsuit. Also put some holes above where booties would cover them.

Drysuit (optional): For even colder conditions a drysuit has some advantages over a wetsuit. Warm clothing can be worn under the suit and it keeps you completely dry.

Sunglasses (optional): provide good protection for your eyes against the spray and sun

    • Use sunglasses specifically for water use that have a strap to keep them on your head.

    • Protects from the spray that comes off the side of your board.

    • Kiting is often done in the late afternoon - comfort is increased when looking into the sun.

    • You can buy SeaSpecs sunglasses from our online shop.

Gloves (optional): provide some additional protection and improved comfort

    • Sailing gloves with padded palms and fingertips free can provide additional comfort when hanging on to the bar for long sessions

    • Neoprene gloves keep your hands warm in colder conditions - but get ones with curled fingers to facilitate your grip on the bar

Additional Equipment

    • GPS - good for keeping a log of your session

    • Kitecam - mounting a camera in your kite