North Nugget Surfboard 2015

The North Nugget surfboard has legendary status among many kitesurfers as a fun board for many conditions.

The Nugget is known for:

  • Lightwind and small waves

  • Providing fun in “bad conditions” - messy waves and chop

  • Early planing & superb upwind performance


    • Rails have a gutter for strapless airs and easy board grabs.

    • Fast speed through the water.

    • The width and stability make it easy to gybe Overall

    • Convenient size for travelling

    • Bamboo Tech construction with a durable finish

    • Quad fins - larger fins help going upwind

    • Two sizes:

      • 5’2’’ x 21’’ x 2 3/8’’, 28.9 liters for 60–85kg riders

      • 5'5" x 21" x 2 7/16", 32 liters for >80 riders

North Nugget


    • Front and rear footpads fitted

    • Foot straps (many like to you the board strapless)

    • Leash connection

Many kiters rave that the Nugget gets them out kiting when most others are on the beach.

North says:

"The secret to the Nugget’s success is the clever double concave bottom shape, which provides excellent drive and light wind ability. In the waves the V in the nose and tail help to make it exceedingly manoeuvrable and you’ll be amazed with how easy the board is to carve."

"The board is fun on flat water, ripping up small waves and riding bigger ones too. The flat rocker line and wide outline help it to be one of the first boards to get going in light winds too. "

Its great to use with straps or strapless and is excellent for those learning to use a surfboard kiting as its easy to get up and going, easy to turn and provides a very stable platform.

Experienced kiters like its versatility, stability and great turning.

This board gets 10 out 10!


Nugget characteristics

TT Version

The Tough Technology (TT) version of the Nugget uses new moulded technology that utilizes a super tough top sheet similar to that used in North Kiteboarding twintips to create an incredibly durable skin that is remarkably resistant to dings and scratches. Due to the resistant materials, the weight is approximately 12% heavier than conventional North Kiteboarding wave boards.

North Nugget
North Nugget
North Nuggett

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