This sections details reviews of some kites, boards and accessories - to help you choose the best kit on the market. When choosing your gear, it is also important to consider the servicing - try and support your local kite shop as they will be invaluable when things need upgrading or repairing.

Our reviewers are either the authors of the site or folks that we know and trust. None of us is an absolute kite guru and we are not doing tricks that would place us on the front page of any sort of mag - we are pretty much just average kiters. If you had to choose a style that encapsulated what we all do it would be freeride - some jumps, some tricks, some long cruises, some waveriding.

If you are doing unhooked handlepasses (good on you!) this is not the place to come for a gear review - we can't do that and don't test the gear for that style of riding.