Tips from great kitesurfers

Here are some tips shared by some accomplished kitesurfers. Are you an experienced kitesurfer? We would love to get your feedback on this handbook and your top tips here

Firstly, nice work with the site, and thank you very much for the section on me, really appreciate it .

What do you think about the handbook?

I think the handbook is a great idea. There aren't many places where people can go and read about all there is to know about kiteboarding. It's good that you are putting a focus on safety and gear, which is great for newcomers to the sport just needing that little bit more information before they start.

The 3 most important factors when learning to kitesurf

1. Patience!! So many times when I was learning I'd make a mistake and end up drifting into the beach in the surf and end up with a huge bird's nest in my lines. It's so hard to stay composed at times like these, but you really have to hang in there.

2. Consolidating is important for learning as well. Thinking about how you can improve your skills and what you need to do to get to that level is crucial at first. A lot of kiteboarding is in the mind and if you can visualise it, you can usually do it.

3. Finally, you have got to have fun kiting. There is just so much to do in kiting and no one can do everything, that's why the fun and progression never ends!!

What do you think about the handbook?

It so good as it has well thought out information in the easiest to manage fashion. Nobody else has made something quite as wholesome and easy to read as this before.

What do you think are the three most important factors when learning to kitesurf ?

When learning to kite surf the most important thing is to get proper instruction, without this kitesurfing can be an extremely dangerous sport.

Secondly the right equipment is essential, a kite too big can be dangerous, too small can be frustrating and a kite which is too old will not have sufficient or up to date safety systems.

Lastly you need to know your limits and not go out in wind that is unsuitable for your standard or gear.

Why would you encourage people to take up kiting?

As its the most fun you can have on the water, its easy to learn and has such a great vibe! It's a sport like no other, there are so many possibilities and the progression is endless, there is always something you can do with a kite.

Any other feedback or suggestions?

Keep it up and get the promotion going in full force!