Kitesurfing lessons

Taking some kitesurfing lessons is essential to safely learn kitesurfing.

There are often many options for kitesurfing lessons, and kitesurfing schools providing them, at most popular kitesurfing locations.

Some examples of lessons are:

    • Beach lesson - introduction and "taster", usually 1h. Cost AUD $100 for two.

    • One on one tuition - individual lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Cost AUD $90 per hour

    • Water lesson - flying the kite through the power zone and body dragging in the water. Cost AUD $180 for 2 hours.

Often kitesurfing schools offer lesson packages to get you up to riding level. These cost around AUD $400 for an individual or AUD $280 per person for two. A lesson package could consist of:

    • Lesson 1: basics on the beach (1h). Kite flying on the beach, safety and kite setup.

    • Lesson 2: kite control in the water (2h). Body dragging, self rescue etc.

    • Lesson 3: up on the board (2h). Water start and standing up on board. Kite flying for power.

The general aim is to provide you with enough skills so that you can progress independently.

Some kite schools that also sell gear may provide you with some lessons for free if you buy a set of new gear from them.


Don't try and save money by avoiding initial lessons. The above lessons in the "package" should be regarded as the absolute minimum for safe kitesurfing.