Far North QLD Kitesurfing season

  • Winter months (May to September) - the best time to kite anywhere in North Queensland, with clear skies and consistent trade winds.

  • Summer (December to February) - you can kitesurf, but the wind is very inconsistent, it is hot and marine stingers are present in the water.

Hazards and notes

    • Hangliders sharing beaches. Some beach locations, such as 4 Mile Beach (Port Douglas, Australia) can be used at times by both hang gliders (powered or landing) and kitesurfers. A hang glider will crash if it hits kite lines. If any hang gliders are coming in to land all kites flying on or near the landing zone should be landed to clear the airspace.

South East Queensland

Toggle layers using the menu on the map below to see kitesurfing locations, shops, no go zones etc.


  • Green - easy can be beginner

  • Yellow - intermediate

  • Red - Warnings read info

  • Disk... for specific locations

  • Arrows along beach start / finish points for numerous down winders.

  • Red pins - no go zones along shore line (during down-winders) Surf club - flag zones / Council Bye-laws / Shipping/Ports and airport zones..

  • Basket Symbol - Shop/Training/repair facilities..

Note: No go zone at Main Beach, Surfers Paradise.

Noosa kitesurfing seasons

Summer season: August to January

The Spring/Summer season is the high season for kiting in Noosa, an excellent time of year to learn or visit with very reliable wind conditions. NE seabreezes are commone, generally forming up around lunch time and building until sunset. The average range is 15-20 knots, and often reaching 25+ later in the afternoon.

The best areas to kite in these conditions are the Noosa River Mouth (on an outgoing tide), and the open beaches (Sunshine - Coolum) for a downwinder. Lake Weyba also works in a NE'ly wind, but you'll need to walk out a bit deeper to get consistent wind.

Spring season: January-April

The Southerly season is less predictable, but is the preferred end of the season for anyone who likes big winds and big waves. Prevailing wind is formed off the back of SE'ly storm fronts which come through in cycles, often providing a few days a week of strong wind. Averaging 15-25 knots and often reaching 25-30 or more.

The open beaches are great kiting this time of year, however the ocean can be a bit on the rough side if we get a strong SE'ly. Lake Weyba is also excellent kiting this time of year, and it's the perfect time of year if you're wanting to learn and progress in easy flat water conditions.

Winter - Off season - May - July.

Not much wind but it may quite often be kitable a couple of days a week it's much less predictable.

Source: Noosa Kitesurfing Wind & Weather – Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia

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