How to learn kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is not a difficult sport to learn. Its easier than surfing but probably a bit harder than snowboarding. You can choose your level of activity from cruising and touring downwind all the way to mega jumps and impressive aerial tricks.

Some steps for learning kitesurfing are:

    1. Do some research. You can read this manual and other online information, watch instructional videos, and visit a shop for advice and tips.

    2. Buy a trainer kite and fly it as much as you can. If you are short of cash, a two line kite is an alternative. Key is to understand where the wind is strong and how to steer.

    3. Get some kitesurfing lessons. The key here is persistence. A booked lesson will only happen if there is wind. No amount of research or reading can substitute for this

    4. Buy some gear. Make sure you get a good kite with full depower; new or second hand.

    5. Consolidate your skills. More persistence is needed to progress past the "Walk of Shame".

    6. Go for it. Once you get going there is no turning back.

    7. Keep learning. Try more skills and progressions. Get some advanced lessons, or advice from other experienced kiters.

That's all there is to it, and yes, anyone can do it. Read on . . .

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